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Istanbul Conquered Tour
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Istanbul Conquered Tour

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Can you "conquer" Istanbul in just one day? Journey from Byzantium to Constantinople to the city of Islam on this tour of the most iconic landmarks in Istanbul, opening a window onto the city's past and present.

We'll begin with the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture standing tall and proud in the center of Istanbul. Containing more than 1,500 years of Turkish history within, the Hagia Sophia has been both a church and mosque, and now houses a museum.

Then we'll head across the street to the crown jewel of Istanbul: the Blue Mosque. Sporting six minarets, 260 windows, and tens of thousands of blue tiles, the mosque is one of the most striking places of worship in Istanbul . Don't forget to ask your guide about the significance of the six minarets.

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